Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Birthday Girl and her Apron

Mom's Birthday is today, so I made her something special to wear to her quilting retreat-- the Lilly Apron in Lila Tueller Woodland Bloom fabrics.  Here's Mom in her new apron.  Isn't she cute? BTW, you can click on images to see a larger view.

Mom does so much for me that she deserves all things pretty.  For instance, did you know she made the London shades shown behind her?  In fact, she made all the window treatments in my last house. (We don't have them all hung yet here) That's just what kind of lady she is-- always doing for others.

The pattern was great.  My mind is reeling with all the apron-making opportunities for Christmas gifts.  I just wonder if I'm the only one who loves aprons.  Mom made me the French Flea Market apron last year for Christmas, and oh, I love it so.  I can just imagine hosting a Christmas cocktail party or Bunko wearing my French Flea Market apron, black leggings, and a black turtleneck.  Just precious!  See, I told you my mom was the best. (Now I just need to have a party or start a bunko group.)

And here's a pic of the pattern...

I'm just not sure if I'm going to make slippers or aprons tonight.  I did have to make an emergency run to Las Colchas to buy some hand-dyed felted wool for the flowers on my slippers. If you're into handwork and you're in the area, stop by.  That store is so cute and so friendly.  I wanted to pull up a chair and start stitching that very moment.  The last time I was there, they were having an early morning sale, and you received a bigger discount if you showed up in your pajamas, so my son and I went at 7am (he wore boots with his pj's).  I love any place that will welcome me in my jammies. More on the wool in a later post (when I actually make more slippers).


  1. How cute is that?! I love it, and I LOVE the pattern for the one she made you - how fun!

  2. love that you SEW! It does happen Mother and Daughter both SEW??

  3. Yes, Grandmarockton, it is true! Moms and daughters can both sew. However, daughters cannot learn to sew from their moms because daughters don't listen to their moms until they have children. Moms can, however, pay for their daughters to learn from someone else:-)