Friday, March 5, 2010

My first award!

I rarely win awards.  In 4th grade, I won second place in an art contest in my homeroom.  A couple years ago, I was Teacher of the Year for my school.  Now, I'm up again:-)

Dee gave me this!
She said I make incredible quilts and have cute toes.  Or is it that I have incredible toes and make cute quilts?  LOL!  Anyway, Dee, I'm so honored to receive this award, so thank you!  You know, I started blogging so that I could find an online community and not feel like I was always sewing by myself, and it worked.  Guy and gals, thanks for having me-- it feels like home already.


  1. WOW - congrats on the award! Bet you feel so proud of what you have achieved with your blog!
    Well done....

  2. It is a well deserved award for cute toes and quilts and incredible toes and quilts!

    Plus, you make us laugh!