Monday, March 29, 2010

Mystery Quilt/Mystery Quilting Design

I fell in love.  With Poppy by Laura Gunn for Michael Miller.  I mean really, though, who wouldn't love these fabrics?  From the moment I saw these fabrics, I couldn't wait to do something with them.  This weekend, I had another mystery class, and here's the product (minus the quilting).
You know, a poppy by any other name just isn't as sweet.
Any ideas on how I should quilt it?  I want to try something fancy.  Not sure if I should just do some feathery doodling or what.  I haven't tried that yet, and I'm kind of scared to do this on pretty fabric.

On another note, since I've been back from spring break, I've had a hard time getting back into quilting since I basically took off a week & went to my grandparents' house.  I looked at my fabric, but I just wasn't sure what to sew next.  Even Friday night-- I sat at the sewing table with my friend Kim and just looked at fabric but couldn't find anything to sew.  The good news, though, is that I've started my next project.  Here are the scraps.  Any idea what it's going to be?


  1. I absolutely adored Laura Gunn's Poppy but I had to hold back as I already have her Lantern Bloom (I think that is it!) ready to cut up! I like the quilt you made yours out of.

    Question: How long have you been quilting your own quilts? I did a 'Machine Quilting Workshop' this weekend and I am freaking out not knowing if my stitches will ever be all the same length and also if they will ever be smooth and flowing!!!!!

    Sorry, can't comment on how to quilt - you probably know more than me.

  2. such a pretty quilt. what do you think about randome line quilting? with the large print and modern flair to this quilt, that might work well?

  3. Love the colors! What if you quilt some pinwheels in the pink and green?

    I have no idea what you next project will be but look forward to seeing it.