Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Did I mention my husband and I started a diet a month ago?  He lost 11 pounds the first two weeks, and I lost 1 1/2.    I think I've since found the lost pound.  Anyway, aside from us dieting, we have a new diet in mind.  A fabric diet.  Yes, you heard me. 

Here's the issue.  We want a farm.  Well, not 40 acres, but maybe 10.  I want to be able to have some chickens so I can have fresh eggs.  Yes, I've heard chickens are disgusting, but please, let me hang on to this dream.  If they're too disgusting, I'll eat them.  and the rooster, too.  Besides chickens, I want to garden and of course, compost.  But I want enough room to not have to smell the compost.  Anyway, if we are going to have our own little farm, we need the money to buy it.

I looked at our budget trying to figure out where I can make some changes.  You don't even want to know what my tab is for my quilting lifestyle.  It's a lot.  So I need to find a way for my hobby to pay for itself.  I think it's time I take on long arming some quilts to support my addiction.  Unless you have a better idea.


  1. I've always pondered selling a kid or two, but figure I would probably get in really big trouble! LOL

    I just got asked to do my first commission quilt. Scary and a little exciting because we haven't talked money, but she's wanting a memory quilt of her dad and I'll do it for free even because of that. Long arming sounds heavenly. You could have cards made up and put in your LQS contractor book?

    Diets. On the elliptical every day for an hour. We don't own a scale, so I have no clue if it's working. I'll probably have gained muscle and end up weighting more! LOL

    such is life!

  2. Long arming is hard work but you can make some money. I stopped buying fabric -trying to use what I have-makes for some interesting combinations!!

  3. I come from a farm and chickens aren't bad, you may however have the same issue with snakes that I have (HATE them!), as for the long arming - we wish you were in Australia, Flic

  4. Oh, I sooo hear you on the diet issue (food one). My hubby wanted to help me and he lost 5kgs (don't know that in pounds) and I only lost 2kg! Men!
    I am on a little property with 17 acres. We have the chooks - and they aren't disgusting. Yes, you have to clean out the pen every now and then...LOL!!
    We have a couple of alpacas as well. Well worth the investment - better than sheep or cattle. Love them.
    Definately start selling quilts - helps with your confidence too!!

  5. I have a friend who loves Mary Engelbretson. If you still have the quilt, let's talk Turkey and I will offer a fair price so I can give it as a birthday gift. Or... Hmmm... I could add it to the raffle and make her pay. Ha,Ha,Ha, debolical but a good thought for scholarships. I am all about scholarship money.