Monday, January 11, 2010

DeDe's Puppy Love

My first customer's quilt.  Okay, well, she's hardly a customer.  Instead, she's my best Friendswood friend, my son's godmother, my former partner in soup-making, my bunko buddy, DeDe.  But that is hardly enough to describe DeDe.  She's my friend that loves me the most.  Everyone needs a DeDe. 

This is DeDe's second quilt, and she asked me to quilt it.  In case I didn't mention it, DeDe is a perfectionist, so I was terrified quilting for her, but I do love the result.  My second quilt did not look like this.  Nope.  My second quilt was probably a log cabin with huge strips.  or maybe a four patch.  Not intricate piece-work like this.

She appliqued, embroidered, and had three dimensional pieces.

DeDe made this for her only grandchild, Rhys, who will be two before she knows it

 and is even cuter than all these puppies, if you can believe that.

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