Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Twisting Turning 20

To get some basic quilts ready for the long arm, I threw this quilt together with fabric in my stash, mostly left over from other projects.  The light fabrics came from Quilt Market in Houston, several years ago.  P&B had a booth where you could buy bundles of 10 coordinating fat quarters for $6.  Yes, I bought all I could carry!

The pattern is Twisting Turning Twenty.  I think I was quite possibly the last quilter to make a Turning Twenty quilt.  What a great way to use up fabric, too.  I'm glad I made this to practice on, though, because it was only my second quilt to long arm, and my work is less than stellar.  No way I would pay someone for this craftsmanship.

The quilting design is basically a loop-de-loop pattern.  It's pretty basic, and since this quilt, I've played with some variations of this, which I like much more (stay tuned!).

Also, I got a new camera for Christmas, and boy can it zoom!  It takes pretty good pictures up close, so I did a little research trying to figure out how to take better photos of quilts.  Now, I'm pretty defeated  because apparently I need a camera with some letters (SNL? SLR? STS?), which will cost about $450 or more.  And then I'll need umbrella lights or will have to make something that will work (not likely).  So, here's the short version-- it's not going to happen.  I'll just have to work with what I have.

The photo of the entire quilt was taken in my classroom (Thanks, Anonymous Students for holding it up, which I have since learned is the WRONG way to photograph a quilt.) because I was trying to see if florescent lighting would help with my mad photo skills.  Nope.  I know I should take it outside, however, it's way too cold out there.  It must be 55 degrees, which I know isn't much to you guys, particularly Mom in KS or my in-laws in the Ozarks where it's going to be -10 degrees tonight, but to me, it's cold.  I prefer temperatures over 70.

By the way, did you notice the backing peeking out underneath the corner in the last photo?  I snagged that Hoffman for $5 a yard in Salado.  Love it!  So, what about you and your shopping?  Hit any amazing fabric sales lately?  What did you get?

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