Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blue makes me blue

Finally, I finished the top.  And it's huge.  Did I mention it's king size?  The good news is that my blue stash is incredibly diminished.  I'm ready for something fun now.  But before I begin, I'm going to work for a few days on something that's going to use up my navy blues and browns.  I'll show ya in the next post.
Incidentally, I haven't decorated this room yet.  It was a sewing room less than two months ago, so I'm doing well just to have mattresses and bedding.   Yes, that's an end table doubling as a night stand for now.  Oh, and an extra lamp I bought to match the other one in my living room.  Hey, the room may not be decorated, but I've finished a ton of sewing projects.  In fact, I think this has been the most productive couple months of my life, sewing-wise.


  1. Wow, I would LOVE to have that much fabric to bust through in my stash! Nice work.

  2. I really like that pattern. Good job!

  3. A beautiful blue quilt and a great stash buster too.