Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wonky is the new black

One of my gal pals and I hit the Quilt Haus again this weekend.  Even though I'm stash busting, I just couldn't help but pick up a few things. Like these sweet little doggies.  I'm not even an animal person, but who could resist those little things.  They don't chew on your furniture, they don't leave tumbleweeds of hair in the corners of your living room, and you can wear black when they're around without carrying their hair with you.  The most perfect dogs ever.
And I just had to get some girl scout fabric because I had been thinking about it since the moment it came out.  Or before.  I know just what I'm going to do with it.  More on that after the fact.
And then I saw these Alexander Henry "Lorenza" lovelies sitting together on a table.  Watching me.  And wanting to come home with me to meet my stash.  So I snatched them up and made them mine.
I was so inspired when I came home that I just knew I was going to finish the giant blue quilt.  Oops.  Instead, I jumped headfirst into this beautiful fabric.  After minutes of duress, I came up with a plan-- something wonky.  Something square.  Ah, wonky squares.  When I started quilting many years ago, and ended up with something wonky, my quilting friends made me seam rip.  Oh, have times changed!  For the first time, I made something wonky on purpose.  And I wasn't precise.  And I'm almost over it.
Since I was being experimental, I decided to cut up an Ikea sheet to see how it worked.  I bought the sheet for $14, and although you can't see it well,(because I only finish projects at night and can't wait until the next day to take pics) it's a gunmetal color.  All I can say is, Wow.  That's a lot of sheet.  Go get you one since you can't beat it for the price.
After I get this baby quilted, I'll take real pics outside so you can see what color the fabrics really are.  Oh, speaking of fabric, half of the fabric came from my stash.  Not bad, eh?  Also, I had no Lorenza left-overs, so we can pretend I didn't buy anything right?  Shouldn't there be a clause to fabric shopping that says if you use your fabric within the week (month?) you buy it, that it shouldn't count?

Also, starting to wonder if my comment box is broken.  Mom said she left messages, but they never made it here.  Will you leave me one?  Let me feel like someone's out there?


  1. Comments work, but sometimes blogger makes you push post a comment like three or four times.

  2. I love this project, too. Hope you get it on Sew & Tell when it's finished!

  3. I *heart* Ikea sheets - it really is so much fabric. Also, those dogs. Someone included one of them in a bee block for me and I do love him.