Sunday, February 28, 2010

Broken Promises

Remember how my friend Kim and I promised we weren't going to shop this weekend?  Well, we didn't mean to, but we just had to get some minkee for one of her quilt backings, and then, before you know it, we had hit 3 fabric stores.  But this is all I bought.
I won't share what Kim bought.  No really, we didn't go overboard.  As you can see, these are all necessities.  Except for the patterns.  Oh, and the magnetic pin cushion (okay, not really a cushion, but what else would I call it?) that matches the one in the background. Saturday morning, we had a class on fondant (I'm in love with it!!), and we were already ten minutes toward the quilt shop in Boerne, so what the heck, we drove the remaining thirty minutes to get there.  And then discovered our new lunch place because we always have good luck finding good lunch places when we're together.  Of course, we have good shopping luck when we're together, too.

As you can see, I bought a little pattern for the purse.  I also bought the hardware for the purse, but I conveniently forgot to put it in the photo.  I was dying to make the purse for a gift for a darling five year old's tea party birthday on Sunday.  Charli, the birthday girl is an old soul, so I knew she's love a handmade purse.  And I was right:-)
That's my stinker beside her.
If this were my little bag, I'd put my cords and electronics in it for a road trip (ipod, camera, chargers, ear buds, etc.).  Kim would put make-up in it if it were her bag.

Did you recognize the fabrics?  I used scraps from the heart quilt in the last post.
Extra notes:  
*Kim's daughter Morgan took the photos of the purse (and she took pics of the Laurel Burch quilt, the Halloween BQ quilt, and the Christmas Tree quilt).  She's only 19 and just got her SLR camera for Christmas, but she is already shooting like a pro.  I want to keep her nearby for all my photography needs.
*My sweet husband made the little table the purse is sitting on.  It just moved in the house Saturday, so I have yet to decorate around it.  I was too busy breaking my vow not to shop to decorate my little table.
*I also finished the chirp baby quilt.  I kind of improvised it & just went with it.  It's cute:-)


  1. Okay, the cuteness factor here is over the top!

    The tie, the bag, the table, that the table is hand made!


  2. Danielle, if you get a chance, I've left a little something for you on my blog!

    Enjoy the sunshine today!

  3. Cute little table and bag, Ethan does need a new tie............applique on the bag is too cute. Good job- can't wait to see you this week. Quality time with my fav girl.